Very Handy Property Services embodies a fresh approach to handyman and property maintenance services for domestic and commercial property owners from the greater Brisbane area to the Sunshine Coast.

Unique design solutions

Very Handy Property Services can provide innovative and unique design solutions to a problem area in the home — a problem now becomes an opportunity to achieve something better.

No other providers in the general handyman and property maintenance service sector offer this expertise.

Very Handy Property Services has a small team of professional tradesmen, with a vast range of skills from a variety of backgrounds within the building and construction industry. In addition to the usual range of general "handyman" services, it is differentiated from other service providers by offering a full build service with owner Darren Bewley carrying a full QBCC license. Not only can we take care of the smaller maintenance jobs you never get around to, but we can turn your dream renovation ideas into a reality.

The aim is to provide value for money without compromising quality of outcomes in all works.




Property maintenance

Yard clean up

  • Cleaning
  • Yard clean up
  • Storm season preparation
  • Major repairs

All properties require periodic maintenance and can deteriorate and become unsafe without this. For example there may be minor repair jobs that never seem to get done, small jobs that are difficult to get tradies to do, smoke detectors to check, some cleaning that you are unable to do yourself, or a pile of rubbish in the back yard that is an eyesore.

In addition to periodic maintenance, storm season preparation is important in South East Queensland where storms can cause serious damage. Many things around the house may cause problems — dead branches in trees are a risk, rubbish left lying around can become lethal projectiles in high winds, a build up of leaf litter can block gutters, and impede flow into downpipes. This can lead to flooding and water damage in your home.

We can help you with general maintenance and storm season preparation and can also check your batteries and emergency lighting supplies.

Handyman services

Handyman and Trade Services

Handyman services

  • Assemble furniture
  • Install white goods
  • Hang pictures
  • Fit insect screens
  • Replace lightbulbs
  • Fix leaking taps

Trade work

Trade work

  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Cabinetmaking
  • Painting and Plastering
  • Tiling
  • Dripping taps driving you mad, and costing you money with wasted water?
  • Light bulb blew, but you don't have a ladder to change it?
  • Window catches that don't work, blinds that are broken?
  • A hole in the plaster that needs patching and painting?
  • Pictures to be hung? Need help to decide where they should be placed?
  • Flat pack furniture to be assembled but you can't follow the instructions or worse, have lost the allen key?
  • Broken insect screens in the spare bedroom that are an invitation to all mosquitoes to come in and annoy the Aunt you have coming to visit?
  • New dishwasher needs to be connected, and the old one has to be disposed of?
  • Want to remove a door and close off the opening, install a new door around the corner to make the space more useable?

All those jobs that you don't have the skills for, or the time, or the ability to do! All those jobs that you can't get a tradie to do because they are too small – those are the ones that Very Handy Property Services will do with the utmost care!

This is the sort of work we thrive on - the only things we are not qualified to do is electrical, and plumbing & draining. These are licensed trades and we cannot by law do this work, but we can help you find somebody who can.

Very Handy Property Services has the capability to do all of these works.

Frequently asked questions


Is there a charge for a quote?

General quotes are free of charge. If the job requires design work or extensive research of options there will be a fee, for which you will be given an estimate of cost, and we will not proceed without your approval.

Will you do small jobs (e.g. change light bulbs/hang a picture)?


Is there a minimum fee for small jobs?

Small jobs, half hour or less will be charged a minimum fee of $82.50 for labour which includes GST; any materials required are added to this charge.

Do you give a discount to pensioners?

Yes, discounted labour charges will be provided for Pensioners and holders of Seniors cards. Depending on the nature of the work, the extent of discount may vary but we will agree on the discount prior to undertaking any work.

Are fully insured?

Very Handy Property Services carries Public and Product liability insurances.

What sort of payment will be accepted?

Cash, credit cards, EFT by internet Bank transfer.

You will be provided with an official Tax Invoice on completion of the job.

Terms of payment will be set out on any quotation provided, and payment on completion of works is expected unless any prior arrangement has been made. We do not extend credit for our services.

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